Undisruptable Technology #192: how the Americans monitor the Internet - and how the Russians do | where without Windows 98 public transport is lame | how the floppy disk business is going right now | how open source home building works | when the Metaverse is coming | why LoRa is more climate-friendly than 5G | when Russia will become Dutch again.


I don't use Mastodon that much. But I am impressed that my little server is up and running without any problem since... weeks. I definetely should "tröööt" more.

#Russia Gazprom posted this clip where Europe gradually turns into a frozen desert after its engineer flips a switch, with an ambient music and gentle woman voice singing "winter is going to be huge".

Comment from Russian Telegram:

> So fucking entertaining to watch this clip living without heating nor hot water and temperature outdoor +10 and 1500 km from "unfriendly states"
> Охуенно смотреть этот ролик сидя без отопления и горячей воды при температуре на улице +10 в полутора тысячах километров от "недружественных" стран

Russian province indeed is a paradox — people populating the largest gas exporting country in the world often don't have access to gas infrastructure. A charity website https://podari-drova.ru/ has been collecting money to help people living in #Russia villages collect enough fire wood for the winter, as 65% people in the region don't have gas.

Many people expect a humanitarian disaster in Russia-occupied territories in the first place, and then in Russia itself, rather than Europe which has efficient social safety network, tested during COVID.

As Russian leadership is now all sabre rattling and threatening, when this happens I'm sure they will instantly switch to "why are you not helping us" appeals, without much reflection on who caused it, as this is what thugs do.

Undisruptable Technology Issue #189 today with: Cyberattacks from Russia & China | Quantum computing on the smartphone | Why "online only" is bullshit | How soon everyone will learn math | The death of the wireless hole | tado buys cheap electricity | AI designs fashion


Root access for a tractor - I have to admit, I wasn't quite aware that modern tractors are something like rolling smartphones in the field.


A portrait that I really read with great interest. A fate, but also the story of the startup Cloudflare: The Devastating Decline of a Brilliant Young Coder


My little tech "Undisruptable Technology" is back from the summer break. As usual, there are 10+ links to texts around digital disruptions and analog outlandishness that I enjoyed in the past days.


With this issue 187, my little tech newsletter "Undisruptable Technology" says goodbye to a short summer break. But before that, a few important questions will be answered: Is Foxconn becoming an automaker? How does work? Is Alexa becoming a voice impersonator? And does and Facebook eavesdrop? Who's building the ? And what is Pinterest building? Why is everyone suddenly talking about Kate Bush?


Since I bought my Pixel 6 I had trouble: random reboots, lagging, forced close of apps which did not open again until I restart the phone.

Well, when I got my phone I used the Android option to use my backup - but it seems that this is not the best idea when switching from another OEM to Pixel. So I followed the advice I found in several online forums and did a factory reset and installed everything I need again by hand.

So after 48 hours it seems I got a totally new phone.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke

"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced."

Barry Gehm

"Any technology, no matter how primitive, is magic to those who don’t understand it."

Florence Ambrose (Freefall, Stanley)

"It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done."

Terry Pratchett

Undisruptable Technology #186: How is ruining the business model of , why has no consciousness, why P2P carrental has a chance, why the end of ownership is looming, how hackers are hacking with Google & a song for the Boy.


Social media is better than its reputation and TikTok is creating bookworms, Apple is disrupting finance & carmakers, Paypal is moving into the crypto market, AI is driving progress & an explanation of how a browser works. These are just a few of the interesting texts my weekly tech newsletter "Undisruptable Technology" links to in #185 today.


Eben in einem Artikel über "Clubhouse" gestolpert. Kurz gefragt: Gibt es das eigentlich noch? Aber selbst die Zeit zum googeln war mir die Antwort nicht wert. Aber für einen "Tröt".

I just heard someone referring to tetris as "an inventory management survival horror game"

I think now my life has meaning.

I have a Pixel 6 and love the phone. But recently I got a lot of random reboots. So I now installed Android 13 to see if it changes and might be software related. But not sure how much the core differs between 12 and 13. Will see.

Are there founders present here? The German digital association Bitkom (disclaimer: my employer) is currently conducting an online survey among . If you participate, you'll definitely get my thanks (and maybe tickets for hub.berlin):


I am undecided whether spam in Polish is a good business idea.

The robots are coming - to the home, to the street and to the office. And they are writing (history). The car is going digital - and mobility is becoming (more) car-free. NFTs flop, but tokens become more important. And websites read when we type - and hackers hack our account before it exists. It's all in "Undisruptable Technology" today.


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